Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy new year

Bringing on the New Year hopefully despite the exams I will have soon I'll try posting again but until then here's a couple of hints of the 'food of 2k15' from Vogue Beauty.

In the fickle world of foodie culture, culinary trends swing in and out of fashion about as quickly as It bags. Cronuts may have caused mass hysteria in 2014, but, like the cupcake before them, will their coolness factor fade into a distant memory? Here, we bid farewell to the foods of 2014 (it’s been real, avo toast!) and welcome with open arms the foods of 2015.

Goodbye Cronuts, Hello Shaved Ice!
With even Dunkin’ Donuts getting into the Cronut game, it’s time for something a little cooler: shaved ice. If the lines at Snowdays, the new hybrid ice cream–shaved ice spot in the East Village, are any indication, the shaved-ice takeover is well underway.

Goodbye Avocado Toast, Hello Eggs!
In case you hadn’t noticed, eggs are no longer relegated to the breakfast section of the menu. Ordering soup? Ask for a fried egg on top. Opting for salad? Hard-boiled will do. There’s even a new Lower East Side cafĂ©, Egg Shop, dedicated to the organic variety. Our motto in 2015: Put an egg on it.


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